Purchase a Vacuum Excavator

Learn about the basics of trailer-mounted vacuum systems

Vacuum excavators are designed to remove land or heavy debris from construction sites efficiently. If you want to use one of these low-maintenance machines to complete your excavation project, reach out to the pros at Boss Vac LLC.

We make and manufacture durable trailer-mounted vacuum systems that have hoses, fittings and couplings made of high-quality materials. These machines work at a greater depth than traditional excavators and don't require the purchase of vacuum filters.

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Check out the benefits of using our vacuum excavators

There are many benefits to using our trailer-mounted vacuum systems for your excavation projects. For example, our equipment:

  • Is easy to clean - the pump reverses and blows out the spoil for effortless dumping
  • Makes your site safer - the excavator stores debris to maintain a cleaner construction site

    These systems are also designed to be economical to purchase, operate and maintain.

    To learn more about the benefits of our vacuum excavators, contact a staff member today.