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Our team offers high-quality vacuum excavator equipment to help you achieve superior results.

Excavation is an essential step in most construction projects, as more often than not, you will need to dig foundations or basements, or at least level the land to prepare it for construction. Traditionally, heavy equipment, such as backhoes and bulldozers, have been used for this purpose, but more and more crews are turning to vacuum excavator equipment instead. Our team at Boss Vac LLC specializes in vacuum excavator equipment, and we can help you get the high-quality tools you need to switch to this method.

Vacuum Excavator Equipment

To explain why vacuum excavator equipment is becoming so popular, we first need to explain how the vacuum excavation process works. First, a blast of air or water is directed into the ground to loosen the soil, making it easier to remove. Then, vacuum suction is used to remove dirt and debris and collect it in a dedicated storage tank to keep it out of the way. One of the chief advantages of this method is the fact that it doesn’t send soil particles into the air, which means your crew members will be far less likely to breath them in. This is much better for workplace health and safety.

In addition, unlike mechanical excavators (like backhoes), vacuum excavation equipment will not damage underground infrastructure, such as pipes or electrical lines, as there are no sharp blades to dig into these structures. Instead, the loose soil will simply flow around these utilities as it gets sucked into the vacuum. If you want to know more about our vacuum excavator equipment, simply give us a call.