Heavy Debris Removal

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We offer high-quality equipment to make heavy debris removal as easy as possible.

At Boss Vac LLC, we specialize in vacuum excavation, and we want to help more industry professionals learn about its many applications. One of those applications is heavy debris removal—if you have debris on your site you need to get rid of, you can turn to our team to get the equipment you need to do so safely, effectively, and in a minimally invasive manner.

Heavy Debris Removal

Vacuum excavation involves first sending pressurized air or water into the ground to loosen the soil. Then, vacuum suction is used to remove the slurry. Unlike mechanical methods of excavation, such as using a backhoe, this process does not disturb the ground in the surrounding area or damage surrounding structures. This makes vacuum excavation ideal for heavy debris removal—as you use your vacuum to suck up the soil, smaller pieces of debris will get sucked up along with it, and larger pieces will become dislodged, making them easier to move.

Another reason why vacuum excavation is great for heavy debris removal is because this process requires less equipment than mechanical excavation. On top of that, the vacuum equipment can be positioned well away from the target site, as vacuum hoses can extend much farther than the arm of a backhoe. This reduces crowding and makes it easier for you and your team to get to where you need to go. If you have questions about heavy debris removal, vacuum excavation, or anything other related topics, simply give our team a call to get the answers you are looking for.