What Are Some Vacuum Trailer Uses?

Find out how you can utilize your excavator

Whether you're drilling an oilfield or prepping a new construction job site, we have the equipment you need to get the job done right. At Boss Vac LLC in Houston, TX, we sell equipment that has many unique vacuum excavator uses, from storm debris cleanup to dirt removal.

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10 ways to utilize your vacuum excavator

How can you effectively utilize a vacuum excavator? Uses of our quality equipment include:

  1. Removing wet or dry materials
  2. Cleaning emergency road spills
  3. Pot holing
  4. Keyholing or utility microsurgery
  5. Trenching slots and digging trenches
  6. Assisting in storm damage cleanups
  7. Cleaning irrigation canals and ditches
  8. Drilling oilfields and completion sites
  9. Removing debris from catch basins and storm drains
  10. Locating underground utilities without impact damage


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