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Excavation and site cleanup projects can be safe, fast and affordable if you have the right equipment. That's why Boss Vac LLC offers custom vacuum excavators for sale. You can count on our vacuum excavator manufacturer to make equipment that meets your needs, fits your budget and matches your company's branding style.


How can our equipment benefit your business?

Are you considering whether you should purchase an excavator for your company? Our vacuum trailers have uses for:

  • Sewer companies - use our vacuum excavators to remove rocks, dirt and debris from your sewer equipment
  • Utility companies - use our excavators to dig trenches and locate underground utilities safely
  • Construction companies - use our vacuum trailers to prepare your job sites before you start construction

If you need complete storm damage cleanup, we have the equipment you'll need to get the job done right. Call 888-447-9940 now to find out if your business could benefit from our high-quality equipment.

Why choose our equipment?

There are many benefits to choosing our equipment for your business. Unlike our competitors, our large vacuum trailers:

  • Produce less noise and doesn't use filters
  • Have double shut off protection
  • Use overflow shut-off valves Have two discharge areas

We always offer competitive pricing and quality equipment for business owners.